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Studio world map

An intuitive web application to create custom maps from your location data without any coding.

Make a custom web map

Upload your dataset or bring public data to the XYZ cloud to make a map in minutes using an intuitive web application.

Style your web map

Customize the look and feel of the data by selecting colors, size, markers, symbols and other easy to use styling options.

Share with ease

Publish your map without writing any code or running an infrastructure. Update data on the fly from any device.

Map making simplified

No coding needed

An intuitive user interface enables anyone to create maps, plus there's no need to set up an infrastructure or back-end service.

Bring large datasets

Upload your large datasets to the XYZ cloud with ease. We can scale with your needs and provide a robust enterprise-grade cloud service.

Edit your data in real-time

View your uploaded data on a map instantly and edit it in real-time without any delays. Enhance your productivity and make maps faster.

Explain your data better

Features such as conditional formatting, automatic legend creation and layer visibility make it easier to tell interesting stories from your data.

map with red spots
Map of seismic activity

Learn how to use HERE XYZ Studio to make a simple map.